Providing Training, Support and a Friendly Community for Runners Globally

All Ages

RK Pod is open and welcoming to all ages. It’s truly “never too late” to start running. Whether you are 15 or 65… the Pod has something to offer you. Customised training plans and advice to suit your age and goals. Come on down and join us for a run!

All Standards

Beginner through to Elite. RK Pod will support you on your own personal running journey. A large group of people turn out for each run, and everyone settles in with people of their own standards. And at coffee time, you feel the equality of this amazing group of people who are just happy to be out running with cool people. Run for fun. Or go for PB’s. Everyone is welcome at the Pod.

All Distances

From 5K through to 100 Mile Ultras. We have every kind of runner. Without doubt we attract a good bunch of people aiming at the Half Marathon and Marathon distances. People are often amazed at the shorter runs people do during the week when training for a marathon. And the slow easy, aerobic building pace makes it fun for everyone to join in.

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What Runners Say About RK POD

Scott Groves

Ross is an outstanding wealth of knowledge and one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. So generous and giving. The RK Pod is an extension of him. A wonderful community of people with a love of running. Everyone is so welcoming and every run is FUN!

Scott GrovesUltra Runner & 14 X Marathons
Angela Reeves

What Ross offers is so unique, the Pod family that he has created is something else.  Ross has given me the confidence to call myself a runner, he has lead me to complete some major personal goals. Running with the Pod makes me a better person and for that I’m very grateful. Some solid memories made that’s for sure.

Angela ReevesUltra Runner & 1 X Marathon
Corrina Black

RK Pod encapsulates fun, camaraderie, mateship and anyone wishing to run. Ross, Sam, Dave and the team are welcoming, informative, supportive and most importantly provide the guidance required to achieve your individual goals. Personally, I am very grateful to the RK Pod for the gentle encouragement I have received, as this has assisted me greatly in achieving more ambitious running goals.

Corrina BlackUltraRunner and 4 X Marathon